Online Registration

If you want to save some trees, we encourage you to register here online! We have made it easy for you to register your whole family with just one click! Using the form below, you can calculate your family’s total cost of attendance.

Please note, this is not an interactive form below, however you can copy and paste it into a word document and e-mail that document back to us at!

In order to register online, and so that we can issue a receipt upon payment, we need you to list:



City, State, Zip Code

E-mail Address

Your Total Registration Fee Includes:

1) Cost of Total Number of Attendees

#Adults (13-64 years) X $60 = ____


#Seniors (65+ years) X $50 = ____


#Youth (5-12 years) X $45 = ____


#Children (0-4 years) X $15 = ____

Subtotal: ______

2) Total Cost of T-shirts:

#Men XXXL___ XXL___ XL___ L___ M___ S___

#Women XXXL___ XXL___ XL___ L___ M___ S___

#Youth L___ M___ S___

# of t-shirts X $14 =

Subtotal: ______

3) Family Fee: $25

This fee is necessary to cover operating and planning expenses required to organize the reunion. Please note – a family consists of one/two parents and their children.

Subtotal: $25

4)  PayPal Convenience Fee

In order to process your registration, PayPal charges a $10 convenience fee. Please do not forget to add this to your total!

Subtotal: $10

TOTAL – The Sum of the above SUBTOTALS is the Total Cost of Attendance for your household. Once you have calculated the TCA for your family, click the button below and enter this amount in the “Donation Amount” box on the PayPal page. In the purpose box, enter “McGhee Family Reunion Registration Payment” with your initials at the forefront. For example, my contribution would read “AUM McGhee Family Reunion Registration Payment.”

It is very important that you send us all the details listed above so that we may issue you the itemized receipt of your Registration Payment. Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

Just copy and paste the form above into a word document, fill it out and e-mail that document back to us at, once you’ve submitted your payment.

Remember,the earlier  you register, the easier it will allow the committee to plan everything as efficiently as possible. Thanks in advance!

One Response to “Online Registration”
  1. Alexa says:

    The site looks fabulous!!! Family Please remember that the sooner you book your rooms the easier it will be to guarantee the room and room type you want. So excited to see everyone in June!

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