Hello family!

Greetings! Welcome to the McGhee Family Blog! We hope you will utilize this site to

  • communicate with extended family members
  • remain up-to-date on the development of our 2011 reunion
  • and share photos and family news as it occurs.

Please feel free to send pictures and announcements to our committee members so that we may post the information on the blog! Thanks in advance for your participation. Now begins the countdown til we see each other collectively next year!

-Alicia, blog coordinator

aka Sweetilocks

4 Responses to “Hello family!”
  1. Olen McGhee says:

    I like it. This is powerful!

  2. This is absolutely phenomenal! Thanks for taking the initiative to get this all started:-) GREAT JOB! Love you guys:-)

  3. Larry McGhee Sr. says:

    I also want to applaud you young people 4 taking the initiative, and I want 2 encourage some of the other young people to join. Because we could use some diverse ideas on what kinds of workshops would be of interest to the family. So, please join the committee. Additionally, I want 2 encourage our older family members to be prepared 2 advance some moneys to these young people, as the need arises.

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